Our Story

Miche Confections

Chocolate Bars. Messages. Corporate and personal. Chocolate bars with unusual and mouthwatering fillings. Toffee made from local wineries. Dark Chocolate. Milk Chocolate. Presentations that speak to your brand and your personal esthetic. Our chocolate bars and gift packages are unique ways to say something to someone. And, they taste devine. Special. We know you will like them. Everyone does

Niche Confectionsmiche chef jacket

Niche Confections is the company Miche Bacher set up to serve the world that needs chocolate, custom chocolate, designed in a way that reflects their own brand. Whether it’s a law firm in New York City, or a wedding bride who wants chocolate bars for her guests to enjoy in the car on the way home from the wedding, Miche believes the bar’s paper should reflect the buyer’s esthetic, and the chocolate inside should reflect the message. Is your brand dark chocolate with an herb? Or are you milk chocolate with homemade potato chips?

Meet Miche Bacher

Informed by a diverse background in culinary, visual, and healing arts, Miche Bacher finds inspiration in the nooks and crannies of life. Miche is the author of Cooking with Flowers, the award winning book about the use of flowers in cooking. She is actively working on her next tome while still creating custom confections.

Niche Confection Ingredients & Packaging

It is our intention that everything that goes into our food is the finest available – and all natural. The finest chocolate, only European butter, organic sugar and dairy, the highest quality nuts. We use local purveyors whenever possible because we like to know who makes our food.  Every single ingredient has been chosen with care and with the knowledge that we are providing the very best for our clients.

We put a lot of thought into our packaging.  Wherever possible, the choice for Mali B is natural. Wooden boxes, natural fillers, recyclable boxes – all are chosen with the Mali B aesthetic and the environment in mind.


Because we care…

We at Niche Confections care about you.  We try to keep nuts where they belong, but we do have nuts on premises and in the kitchen and so the products that we produce that are nut free are made on premises where nuts are also processed. Please keep that in mind.